Third Specimen of Anolis dissimilis Found in Brazil

dissimilisIn a recent paper in Herpetology Notes, de Freitas et al. report the third specimen of the species, the first from Brazil and the first in which a living specimen is illustrated.

Look at that schnoz! Reminiscent of some members of the carolinensis species group, such as AA regular A. maynardi from the Cayman Islands.

Here’s the illustration from Ernest Williams’ 1965 description in Breviora.

dissimilis williams

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4 thoughts on “Third Specimen of Anolis dissimilis Found in Brazil

  1. I have found this species throughout many sites at SW Amazon since 2009 with new ecological and behavioral data about them. I have the first females of this species, and a phylogenetic work is ongoing with my friends. Thus, with redescription and details of hemipenis, and sexual dimorphism, I hope to improve new insights about evolution of green anoles.


    1. I am really looking forward to seeing what you find in the dimorphism analyses. Don’t forget to measure their heads! If you would be willing, please amuse the readers of the blog with some pictures.

  2. The fourth record of the ‘odd anole’, also from western Brazilian Amazonia, was recently published:

    Melo-Sampaio, P.R., Melo, B.L.A.S., Silva, A., Maciel, J.M.L., Nogueira, M., Arruda, S.M., Lima, L., Silva, J.C., Matos, L., 2013. Geographic distribution: Anolis dissimilis. Herpetol. Rev. 44, 473.

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