Another Great Anole Journal Cover

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Looks like it’s time for an updated compilation of anole covers! This one’s from the December 2017 issue of Mesoamerican Herpetology. Here’s what they have to say:

Javier Sunyer is a Spanish herpetologist who has lived in the Neotropics for the last 20 years. His work includes over 80 scientific papers and notes, dealing mostly with the distribution, natural history, and conservation of the Nicaraguan herpetofauna. Currently, he is a Research Associate at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua-León (UNAN-León) and an Associate Editor/Section Editor for Mesoamerican Herpetology. Pictured on our cover is an image of Kempton’s Anole (Norops kemptoni), photographed in January 2006 at Alto Chiquero, Parque Nacional Volcán Barú, Provincia de Chiriquí, Panama. Adult males are territorial, and often display their colorful dewlap to intruders.

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Professor and Curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. I've spent my entire professional career studying anoles and have discovered that the more I learn about anoles, the more I realize I don't know.

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