Seeking Field Active Body Temperature Data for Anolis chlorocyanus

Hello everyone,

As part of some ongoing work comparing muscle physiology and performance among Anolis species, I am in search of data on the Field Active Body Temperature (Tb) of Anolis chlorocyanus so that I am sure to perform data collection at relevant temperatures. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate Tb data for this species in the literature, so I hoped one of you might have this information and be willing to share it with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

About Chris Anderson

Chris is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Dakota. He is currently working on differences in the adaptive radiations of mainland and island Anolis lizards, particularly looking at the relationship between muscle physiology and whole organism performance. He received his Ph.D. from the University of South Florida studying environmental effects on feeding performance in chameleons and salamanders. Website:

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