Information Requested on Green Anole of St. Kitts

Green Anole 1

Heidi Fagerberg, a children’s book writer, is in the middle of writing a book featuring the green anole of St. Kitts. Photos below. Can anyone confirm that these are Anolis bimaculatus? More importantly, does anyone know about their color-changing abilities and proclivities? Under what conditions does color change occur?


Green Anole 2

Green Anole 3

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7 thoughts on “Information Requested on Green Anole of St. Kitts

  1. Wow, that second photo almost looks like a Petrosaurus head! Those head scales look so odd, I’ve never seen something quite like that on the mainland.

  2. Males are larger, have more prominent nuchal crests, larger dewlaps, tend to be green (even bluish when excited), spots above the forearms usually are prominent, and they generally tend to be less lineate. Females are more likely to be brown and the lateral lines tend to extend nearly the length of the body. Note, however, that younger males look very much like females (top individual is almost certainly a young male) and the intensity of the coloration varies considerably depending on temperature and “mood.” We included a number of photographs in our guide to the reptiles and amphibians of the Dutch islands (including Statia, which has bimaculatus). Copies should be available on St. Maarten, Statia, and Saba (and a new edition has just been published — I have yet to see a hardcopy). However, the information on anoles has not changed appreciably, so an older edition will suffice (if you can tolerate the glossy pages sticking together).

    1. Thank you Bob. I will look for the book. Some of these guys have a beautiful turquois coloring between green and brown. The more I bother them when I photograph them the more blue appears.

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