New Song about Night Herping

CD Stomping Grounds

We’ve heard a lot about Gunther Köhler in the last few days. What you might not know is that when he’s not busy snatching sleeping lizards off of leaves in the highlands of Mesoamerica or counting scales in his Frankfurt laboratory, he plays guitar in a flaggstaff, a country band. The band is about to release its latest CD, Stomping Grounds, and one single, Chiriqui Stream, is appropriate for our pages. You can download the MP3 and then sing along:

Chiriqui Stream

  1. When the nights grow late and the fires die down

When the fog and mist start boiling around

At camp site down by the Chiriqui stream

Where we search for creatures nobody’s seen


  1. The thrill of the night hike blows you away

As we move on, magic’s underway

We poke through the forest with its pines and oaks

With the sound of the woods, the creeks and slopes


Chorus: Living my dream at the Chiriqui stream

Finding my fortune in this unreal scheme

With a family of creatures nobody’s seen

Right down at the Chiriqui stream


  1. On the fog shrouded slopes and rugged peaks

A world of its own with its lovely creeks

Its unforeseen bugs and mystical sounds

No doubt we’re here on unknown grounds

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