WTF Anole Evolution?

The website WTF Evolution has been popping up around the ecology and evolution blogosphere lately. It was recently featured by Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution is True and by Jeremy Fox at Dynamic Ecology. However, if you don’t read either of these blogs, or haven’t heard about the site, I suggest having a look – it’s pretty funny (especially ‘Fiddler crab’). Best of all, however, is that anoles are featured (and they’re the only organism to get a video)! The example is one featured on Anole Annals previously and is from a study by Casey Gilman in Duncan Irschick’s lab. The video shows that when anoles jump from springy perches, the recoiling perch can hit them in the tail, throwing them off balance. As the captionist at WTF Evolution notes, not a great thing for a lizard that spends a lot of time on branches: “Great work, Evolution“.


About Adam Algar

Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham (UK). My research focuses on niche limits and dynamics across scales, from individual organisms to the globe. Mostly lizards.

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