Identification Request for Panamanian Anole



Last month I spent a week in Bocas del Toro for a marine invertebrate biology course. However, I made some obligatory terrestrial excursions in search of our favorite vertebrate, the anoles! The habitat surrounding the STRI facility was secondary forest, and anoles were most commonly seen at forest edges. On one tree I found two A. limifrons scurrying about. They both promptly flattened their bodies against the thin branches when they detected my presence. A few seconds later, I noticed that a slightly larger anole was staring right at me from several inches away. I haven’t been able to get a solid ID on this female yet, and I would appreciate any input!



One thought on “Identification Request for Panamanian Anole

  1. Hey Christian,

    To mean, this just looks like a weird limifrons. Maybe just a darker phenotype or has some introgression from another species?

    Also, it may be of interest that Kohler and Sunyer (2008, Herpetologica 64:92-108) described the population in Bocas del Toro as a new species, cryptolimifrons. To my knowledge, that species is still considered valid.


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