ID Help with Anoles From Costa Rica

Hi all,

My students and I spent a few weeks in the southwestern portion of the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica this past summer, mostly working on frog projects. However, it is hard not to get interested in the anoles too! We found several individuals in our stay that we could not readily key out in Savage (2002). They were found in in secondary rain forests along small streams. Sorry, no dewlap photos. Any help from the experts on the identity of these beasts would be appreciated!

Unknown anole, lateral view caiman-afternoon-2 caiman-afternoon-3

Here’s another individual from the same study site that is perhaps the same species:

unknown anole 2caiman-skull-morning-3

2 thoughts on “ID Help with Anoles From Costa Rica

  1. Look like members of the Anolis/Norops/humilis species complex. I don’t remember which species occurs in the Osa Peninsula. Perhaps marsupialis?

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