Some Anoles from Cuba – Help for ID

During July-August 2016, I went for a three-weeks holiday trip to Cuba. Being a Ph.D. student at the Lizard Lab, I had to come back with pictures of… lizards of course. This post is dedicated only to the anole species I observed in Cuba. Any help to ID will be greatly appreciated! More of my pictures of the Cuban herpetofauna (anole and non anole) can be found on my website website.

1- Anolis sp (?) from Cienfuegos.



2- Anolis sagrei – Brown Anole

a) DSC_0307-3

b) DSC_0388-3

c) DSC_0391-3


3- Anolis allissoni – Allison’s Anole

a) DSC_0418-2

b) DSC_0483-3

c) DSC_0897-3


3- Anolis homolechis – Cuban White-fanned Anole

a) DSC_0515-3

b) DSC_0842-3

4- Anolis porcatus – Cuban Green Anole


5- Anolis vescus – Purial Bush Anole (??) from Baracoa


6- Anolis sp (?) from Viñales


5 thoughts on “Some Anoles from Cuba – Help for ID

  1. Hello Arnaud,

    1) A. sagrei male with a extraordinary dewlap color
    3 c) A. porcatus male (or possibly a hybrid with A. allisoni)
    5) A. argenteolus (juvenil)
    6) A. angusticeps male

    Best wishes Axel

  2. The green coloration of the anolia # 6 is real, or lighting effect? Never in my life have I seen a angusticeps with that color !!. A. paternus usually yellowish tones but I’ve never seen in Viñales

    1. Hi Alberto,
      Yes, it is a real coloration, no light effect on the picture. The lizard was found in the valley of Viñales. I have 2 more pics of this same individual but I can’t manage to add them to this comment. I’ll try to add them to the main article.

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