Mystery Anole from Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica


I was recently doing some anole field work in the Gulfo Dulce area of Costa Rica, and I came across a lizard that has me stumped. Perhaps some more experienced AA readers have some insight – any idea what species this little guy is? To me, it looks a bit like A. limifrons and a bit like A. carpenteri, but not completely like either (and carpenteri isn’t supposed to occur in the Gulfo Dulce area). It was in an area of pretty thick primary forest, perched about 6 ft or so up a tree trunk, and it ran quite high when I pursued it. I’d appreciate any tips!

IMG_8631 (2) IMG_8638 (2) IMG_8645 (2) IMG_8655 (2)

One thought on “Mystery Anole from Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica

  1. Hi Sofia,
    This is the Pacific versant representative of limifrons for which some authors apply the name biscutiger. Best wishes

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