Anole Research Cakes!

It’s been an eventful year in the Losos Lab–three members of the lab have successfully defended their Ph.D.s in 2014-2015! To celebrate their defences, lab member Talia Moore designed and made three wonderful cakes, each tailored to the research of the newly-minted Ph.D.

For Dr. Martha Muñoz, who studied the shift of high-altitude anoles’ perches from trees to rocks, we had this beauty:

photo 1


For Dr. Alexis Harrison, who studied the Anolis dewlap, primarily in A. sagrei:photo 2

And for Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton, who studies geographic variation in cold tolerance in the North American Anolis carolinensisa map with sampling locations rendered in sprinkles, and lizard popsicles!

shane cake


6 thoughts on “Anole Research Cakes!

  1. Amazing looking cakes and a huge congratulations to the recent docs!

    To add to the anole themed cakes, here is an Anolis distichus ignigularis cake by the multi-talented Dr. Richard Glor.

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