Video of a Fight Between Two Female Brown Anoles

Compared with our extensive knowledge of male-male interactions, we know very little about how females interact with one another. Adding to a growing set of observations, here is some video (taken by my field assistant and seasoned anole videographer Jon Suh) of two bead-tagged female brown anoles mid-battle.

Both females are recent arrivals to this particular tree, and the lizard that remains on the tree at the end is marginally bigger than the one who leaves. Though I don’t think we witnessed the full interaction, I think it’s interesting that the females didn’t use their dewlaps in the course of this fight. This seems to match up with Ellee Cook’s description of a fight between two female A. gundlachiThe use of the dewlap by females has been observed during male-female interactions in A. cristatellusA. armouri  and a few other species, but also during female-female interactions in some Central American anoles. Clearly we’ve got a long way to go before we characterize and understand agonistic encounters and display behaviour in female anoles!

3 thoughts on “Video of a Fight Between Two Female Brown Anoles

  1. What is that fleshy bit at the base of both of their tails? Is that normal for females, or only exposed during fights?

    1. I should have mentioned that these animals are tagged with bead-tags, as part of a long-term behavioural study (…maybe you’re looking at the tags?

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