Australian Society of Herpetology 2015 Meeting: Follow #ASH15 on Twitter

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Greetings from Eildon, Australia, where the 2015 meeting for the Australian Society of Herpetology (ASH) is currently underway. Today is the first full day of talks and posters and I’m excited to learn what’s new and exciting in herpetology. Although the focus is predominantly on Australian amphibians and reptiles, there are several presentations on non-Australian herpetofauna, as well. Anoles are also represented as I will be giving a talk on my work on Hispaniolan anoles and Emma Sherratt will be speaking about her work on fossil anoles. If you would like to see what’s going at ASH, feel free to follow the conference on Twitter using #ASH15.

About Martha Muñoz

Martha is a postdoctoral researcher in Sheila Patek's laboratory at Duke University. She received her Ph.D. at Harvard University, where she studyied the evolutionary ecology and thermal physiology of anoles, focusing on the cybotoid anoles from the Dominican Republic. Martha serves as Conference Editor for the Anole Annals. Website:

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  1. I am very interested in fossil anoles, especially my own Anolis electrum. I heard it was going to be published on months (or years!) ago, but never saw the paper. Please let me know of any news on this…. Thanks, Skip

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