Variable Definitions in Community Ecology

Community ecology is a confusing field, confounded by the interchangeable use of many fundamental terms.

Recently, a group of graduate students and I discussed this strange paradigm and thought we would see what people’s own interpretations were.

If you have a spare 5 minutes while drinking your morning coffee, please could you fill out this short (4 question!) poll asking you to give your definition for; ‘community’, ‘assemblage’, ‘guild’ and ‘ensemble’. It will be cool to see how people’s opinions differ!

You can take the survey here!

Many thanks

2 thoughts on “Variable Definitions in Community Ecology

    1. Hey Tony, yes absolutely. This is the paper that our reading group was discussing actually, however a few years is now nearly two decades! We are wondering how researcher and practitioner interpretations stand at the moment. I was choosing not to mention it in this post (not through ignorance!) as we are interested to see people’s gut feeling definitions at present. Thank you for taking the time to comment and highlight the paper though.

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