Anoles Take Over SICB 2014

With all my preparations for Thanksgiving underway, I had almost forgotten that the highlight of the holiday season is upon us. I am referring, of course, to the annual meeting for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB). Unlike most scientific conferences, which tend to host their meetings during the summer, SICB bucks the trend and meets during the first week of January. To me what is most exciting about SICB is the diversity of work that is presented there. SICB draws biomechanists, ecologists, physiologists, and geneticists, among many others, under the same roof. Thus, for those of us who are interested in anoles, SICB is a one-stop shop for learning about what’s new and exciting in Anolis lizards. In recent years, anoles have had a very strong presence at SICB. At the 2012 meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, there were 26 anole-related talks and posters. Last year’s meeting in San Francisco saw a bit of a lull, as there were only 18 talks and posters focusing on anoles. The program for the 2014 meeting has just been released, and a few quick searches using the terms “Anolis” and “anole” turn up 22 talks and posters. I hope this means that the Anolis presence at SICB is back on the rise. I will be posting about as many talks and posters as I can visit, so stay tuned. The talks and posters are given in alphabetical order by author below.

Anolis talks and posters at SICB 2014.

Anolis talks and posters at SICB 2014.

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Martha is a postdoctoral researcher in Sheila Patek's laboratory at Duke University. She received her Ph.D. at Harvard University, where she studyied the evolutionary ecology and thermal physiology of anoles, focusing on the cybotoid anoles from the Dominican Republic. Martha serves as Conference Editor for the Anole Annals. Website:

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