6 thoughts on “Help Identify Dactyloa From Departamento Del Atlantico, Colombian Caribbean

  1. Rafael, can you explain to me the character stated in the description of A. biporcatus, it is said that the gular fan does not pass the humerus and that the border of the fan is red colored, how can i differ this species from frenatus, is there any key to our region´s anoles? we are currently using Castro et al. in press. thank you very much.

  2. Nice photos Salvador!
    In Castro et al refer a small dewlap when it only reaches the first part of the chest (like in biporcatus or tropidogaster) while is a large dewlap if it reaches more than half of the chest (like in frenatus or apollinaris). You can differentiate these species with the following characters:

    biporcatus = belly scales are strongly keeled and larger than the back, small dewlap, the dewlap color is lilac or pink with cream or white scales with its borders orange and sometimes yellow on the posterior part (you have posted a great photo in your Notes On Colombian Arboreal Trunk-Crown Anoles Figure 6), dorsal pattern is nearly uniform green with some reticulated brown dark.

    frenatus = belly scales are smooth or weakly keeled and nearly in size to the back scales, the dewlap is large and uniformly cream colored with white or cream scales sometimes sprinkled with dark, the dorsal pattern is a diagonal series of dark brown spots.


  3. Am I right to suggest that the Norops biporcatus is actually a female? ( I found females having a small blue and white checkered dewlap in Costa Rica)

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