Cabelas Noose Poles are back

Just a heads up to those who are interested- the Revell Lab successfully placed an order for 10 and 14 foot poles and have been assured delivery around May 7th.

About Graham Reynolds

Graham is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville. His research focuses on Caribbean herpetology- specifically anoles and boas.

11 thoughts on “Cabelas Noose Poles are back

  1. We just got the following message from Cabela’s:

    “Thank you for your recent order. We appreciate your shopping at Cabela’s and hope that you had an enjoyable shopping experience. The order is being shipped to DR RICHARD GLOR.
    Products Ordered
    10 of 11-5800 CABELA’S PAN FISH ROD 14FT
    10 of 11-5800 CABELA’S PAN FISH ROD 10FT

  2. According to Cabela’s website, the 10′ poles are in stock, but the 14′ poles are backordered. I have some of both ordered. I await their arrival with bated breath…

    1. We received 10 of each (10′ and 14′) yesterday. I’ve given up on the Cabela’s online ordering system and now only work with a sales rep. Not sure if that helped our case or not…

      1. Did you guys get mini cereal boxes with their Cabela’s shipment? Huh?

        Noose poles and free food. Amazing.

  3. I ordered several 10′ poles today. My preference is for the 12′ poles, but I am not waiting on any more backordered poles, as I’m heading out in a few weeks. I did my order online, so I hope it worked. I’ll let you all know.
    @ Graham – thanks for the tip! 20 bucks saved!

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