A Morning Of Territorial Confrontations

As I photographed an A. carolinensis displaying high on a tree trunk, an A. sagrei popped out about 5 feet below and countered with a display. Before he could advance on the green anole male above, another male A. sagrei advanced to challenge. The two A. sagrei got in each other’s faces, but did not actually lock in combat. Suddenly the first A. sagrei broke off and advanced up the tree to confront the male green anole. There was a lot of counter displaying but not as fierce as just performed by the two brown anoles. Eventually the green male retreated further up the trunk, stopped to display once before disappearing around the other side.

3 thoughts on “A Morning Of Territorial Confrontations

  1. The tree is located just outside my back porch in the area of greater Ft. Lauderdale, about 12 miles inland. Of the lesser Anole there are populations of A. carolinensis, A. sagrei as pictures and A. distichus, the Bark anole.

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