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Battling Crested Anoles (A. cristatellus) in South Miami, FL

While out watching lizards last week with my undergraduate research assistant extraordinaire, Oliver Ljustina, and fellow SoFlo anole Ph.D. student Winter Beckles, we happened upon a pair of male crested anoles (Anolis cristatellus) ready to rumble! This is quite early – but not unheard of – in the season for the commencement of territorial disputes, so it was a surprise to see them locking horns so aggressively. This couple were battling fairly high in the tree, at approximately 3m.

Anyway, here are the pictures!








Territorial Dispute

territorial_dispute_resizedI observed this (full size image) interaction in my backyard one afternoon while I was hunting for good pictures. All anoles tend to flee as I walk around my backyard, but some only retreat partially or temporarily. These two stayed relatively out in the open until I moved a little closer, causing one to flee in to the vicinity of the other one causing the event seen in the picture.
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Stills from Anole Fight Along the Rio Bani!

These stills are of an anole fight we saw yesterday along the Rio Bani. This fight happened on a rock between two male Anolis distichus ravitergum. On the left, the two males are facing off. In the middle, one male is charging and biting the other. On the right, the two are tumbling down the boulder. Shea Lambert recorded the video and plans to post a version with slow-motion and music sometime soon; it should be epic.