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Anolis Pogus Observations

Anolis pogus male on pandanus root in hotel garden surveying his territory (J.Burgess)

It has been widely published that Anolis pogus is only found in high elevation on the island of St Martin. While it is true, it is very common and in high densities at these higher elevations and more mesic environments, however I observed this species at lower elevations and even only meters from the beach. I came across this species several times (by accident) while making my way around the island, even in downtown Phillipsburg. Mongoose certainly take their toll on this ground, bush, and trunk “generalist” and there were many areas on the island where neither A. pogus nor A. gingivinus are easily observed. I do not agree with the assumption that this species is excluded by competition by the larger species as both species were observed in great numbers in these areas where both are present. This species certainly deserves another look at its ecology.