Anole Annals is a community blog that features posts and comments from many people interested in research on Anolis lizards. Jonathan Losos of Harvard University and Rich Glor of the University of Kansas are the founding editors of Anole Annals.  Martha Muñoz is the Editor in charge of conference reports and Thom Sanger is the Editor on the Twitter desk. More than 100 contributors from around the world have published posts–anyone with something to say about anoles is welcome to submit a post.

2 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. I love your site and, especially, the anolis proboscis. I can’t figure out why he has such a long (proboscis-like) nose, though. It’s not like he can smell better because his nostrils are right about where they usually are. Thank you.

  2. AnoleAnnals is a great online portal to see progress of Anolis as well as reptilian community. It is an amazing place where so many ecological, evolutionary, developmental and systematic aspects are shared and discussed.

    I am from India and here too Squamate reptiles exhibit a ‘parallel type’ of ecological guild. Here lizards of subfamily Draconinae have perfected to adapt in tropical and subtropical conditions. There are many endemics, rare and even unknown species !

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