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  1. Hi…I live in Flagler Beach, FL and have started noticing these little guys with ridges on their backs and sometimes their tail will curl sideways. Who are they?

    1. They are brown anoles, Anolis sagrei. The ridges are erectable structures that males put up as part of their aggressive displays against other males.

    2. Thats our ole buddy A. Sagrei, they show crests when the males fight. See my observation this month, “like little dinosaurs in a B-grade movie”

  2. I live in Melbourne, Florida, and I also have several of the brown anoles with the ridges. Awesome looking creatures! I have pictures in my phone, I’ll download a few and post! Thanks for all you do here, just now finding AA!!!

  3. I live in the Treasure Coast and I have been seeing Brown Anoles show their ridges too. They look amazing when the do this.

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