Anole Classics

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7 thoughts on “Anole Classics

  1. I have a lot of anoles on my property but I just noticed an odd one. I have an anole that is almost totally red in color on his body. Never seen one like this and can’t find any info about this online. Has anyone else seen one like this or know if this is normal? If I had an email address, I will gladly send a photo of it.

    1. Michael, please do send a photograph. Are you living in Florida? Try searching on our site with “orange” and you may find some relevant posts.

  2. Thx for your comment. Did you happen to see the picture that I sent? I’m just curious if the red color is an anomaly or some type of genetic variance.

  3. Recently a brown anole moved into my lanai. I chased him out several times but he always returned. Now I feed him mealy worms and distilled water to drink. What do I do in the cold weather. Should I make some kind of shelter for him. I have a lot of fun watching him and he is very territorial, except with me. Appreciate your advice.
    Thanks, Jackie

  4. the Anolis noble Picture in the Internet incorrekt …the Picture Show …one
    Anolis equestris buidei …of the Area of Hicacos …Varadero Halfisland …this Ssp.
    live on the End of Varadero …near the Saltpennels ….

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