SICB 2018: Evo-Devo of Anole Digits


One more update from the SICB conference in San Francisco last week!

Across vertebrates, the ratio of lengths of the second and fourth digits of the hand are influenced by testosterone and estrogen. This could be of particular importance in species such as anoles, in which the fourth digits of the hindlimbs are extremely long and critically important in locomotion, but previous studies of the 2D:4D ratio in anoles have produced varying results. In the final poster session at SICB, undergraduate Griffin McNamara, working with Bonnie Kircher in Marty Cohn’s lab at the University of Florida, presented preliminary results from a study of cleared and stained brown anole (Anolis sagrei) hind feet. Griffin has big plans for continuing this work, so watch for future publications with these findings!

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