Request For Morphological Data On Lesser Antillean Anoles

Hello anole community!

My name is Roy Ang, and I am currently a Genetics PhD student in the Fraser lab at Stanford University. I am interested in studying the cis-regulatory adaptations that lead to morphological changes and the evolution of different ecomorphs. I do so by studying available genetic data on different anole species and identifying correlations with morphological variation in limb length or lamellae count.

Most of my work now is based on morphological data from Mahler et al. (2010), but I am curious to know if anyone here is collecting similar data on Lesser Antillean anoles, such as A. wattsi or A. leachii? If you happen to be working in this area, I would love to get in touch with you! Please contact me at

Thank you very much for your help!

2 thoughts on “Request For Morphological Data On Lesser Antillean Anoles

  1. Found new species/sub species of anole. Have pics and can take more to show diversity in color and patterns. The species looks almost identical to anolis porcatus, but have characteristic differences and these are found 200 miles north of any a.porcatus. I m an exotic wildlife trapper here in Fla., have been here herping for 25 yrs. I know my anoles here. Would like to share my info and pics. I will NOT disclose location of these anoles. Only my friend and I know the locale.

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