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Cuban Anolis – Request for Help with ID

Hello everybody!

I am a biology Student from Switzerland and together with my travel mate Demian, I visited Cuba for 3.5 weeks in January and February 2017. We are birders, but pretty much interested in everything that moves! We were taking pictures of lizards whenever we could, but without specifically looking for them. Back home, I was surprised how difficult the identification can be and so I would be happy if you can confirm, correct or help me with the ID. There are a lot of pictures…
I will report every safely identified lizard, probably with observado.org, together with the name of the expert, who is helping us out.
We will also put a comprehensive trip report on cloudbirders, including the herp list.

The handling and catching were done very carefully and quickly to not stress the animal more than necessary.
If you have tips, corrections or anything else, feel free to comment, we appreciate it very much!
Most of the pictures are from Demian. If you need another angle or more details, we often have more pictures…

1. Anolis porcatus, Autostrada Havana-Jagüey Grande
P1140691 25.01.17, Anolis porcatus Autostrada Havana-Jagüey Grande

2. Anolis sagrei, Sopillar, Playa Larga
P1150805 26.01.17 Anolis sagrei Sopillar, Trails

3. unknown, Playa Larga, dewlap partly yellow
P1150853 26.01.17 Sopillar, Trails dewlap partly yellow

4. Leiocephalus carinatus, Cueva de los peces, Playa Larga
P1160119 Leiocephalus carinatus 27.01.17. Cueva de los pesces

5. unknown, Playa Larga, we also have a picture of a female (?), which is all yellowish
P1160141 27.01.17, Playa Larga also picture of -female-

6. unknown, near Najasa
P1170311 01.02.17 Najasa, See
P1170325 01.02.17 Najasa, See

7. unknown, near Najasa
P1170362 01.02.17 Najasa, See

8. unknown, Santa Domingo, Sierra Maestra
P1170510 02.02.17 Santo Domingo (around La Platica)
P1170533 02.02.17 Santo Domingo (around La Platica)

9. Anolis homolechis, Santa Domingo, Sierra Maestra
P1170627 Anolis homolechis 02.02.17 Santo Domingo (La Platica)

10. unknown, Santa Domingo, Sierra Maestra
P1170635 02.02.17 Santo Domingo (around La Platica)

11. unknown, Santa Domingo, Sierra Maestra
P1170664 02.02.17 Santo Domingo (around La Platica)
P1170658 02.02.17 Santo Domingo (around La Platica)

12. Anolis noblei, Santa Domingo, Sierra Maestra
P1180405 Anolis noblei Santo Domingo (La Platica)

13. unknown, Santa Domingo, Sierra Maestra
P1180585 04.02.17 Santo Domingo (steep road)

14. Anolis argenteolus, Santa Domingo, Sierra Maestra
P1180609 Anolis argenteolus 04.02.17 Santo Domingo

15. unknown, Alejandro Humboldt national park, Baracoa
P1180789 Alejandro Humbold national park weiss
P1180806 Alejandro Humbold national park

16. Leiocephalus carinatus, Vinãles
P1190426 Leiocephalus carinatus 10.02.17 Vor der Cueva de la vaca, Vinãles

17. Anolis bartschi, Vinãles

18. Anolis sagrei, Vinãles, red dewlap
P1200261 Vinãles
P1200270 Anolis sagrei red dewlap, Vinãles

19. Anolis porcatus, Soroa
P1200424 Soroa Anolis porcatus
P1200425 Soroa

20. Anolis homolechis, Soroa
P1200645 Anolis homolechis Soroa

21. unknown, Soroa
P1200673 Soroa

22. Anolis sagrei, Soroa
P1210329 Anolis sagrei Soroa

23. unknown, Soroa, dewlap white
P1210339 Soroa dewlap white

24. Anolis porcatus, Playa del Este
P1220426 Anolis porcatus Playa del Este

25. unknown Leiocephalus, Playa del Este
P1220441 Leiocephalus sp unbestimmt, Playa del Este

26. Leiocephalus cubensis, Palpite, Playa Larga
P1150186 Leiocephalus cubensis 25.01.17 Palpite

And some others , where I am also very happy for confirmation and ID:

27. Sphaerodactylus elegans, Playa Larga and Soroa
P1160302 Sphaerodactylus elegans 27.01.17 Playa Larga
P1200970 Sphaerodactylus elegans, Soroa

28. unknown Hemidactylus, Playa Larga
P1160311 -Hemidactylus mabouia-27.01.17 Playa Larga

Many Greetings

Valentin Moser

About Valentin Moser

A biology student from Switzerland. Although I am coming from the ornithology, I try to identify everything moving that I cross paths with. Sometimes on my travels, these are Anolis-lizards!

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