Anolis Photos from Cuba: ID Help Needed


I spent a few weeks on Cuba in February-March, and photographed a bunch of different anoles, but I have no way of identifying them. I put all photos on one page with very tentative captions. I’ll appreciate any comments/corrections.

Here are some of the uncertain ones:












9 thoughts on “Anolis Photos from Cuba: ID Help Needed

    1. I thought #1 was A. lucius. But #7 was in a forest with no cliffs or rocks within a few hundred meters, so I guessed it was A. pumilus.

  1. So 3 is some kind of trunk anole (judging by the spines on it’s side)? I’d like to know what species it is because it looks amazing.

    I’m in the field, otherwise I’d be digging into it right now.

  2. Would need location data for some to get correct ID ssp, but here is what I can say definitively…
    1. bartschi
    2. alutaceus
    3. loysiana
    4. argenteolus
    5. homolechis (young) ?
    6. porcatus
    7. lucius
    8. homolechis (young or female)
    9. jubar female
    10. jubar
    11. porcatus

    1. Thanks!
      2,4,8,9,10 are from Alejandro Humboldt NP. 1,3,7,11 are from Finca la Belen in central-eastern Cuba. 5 is from Granma NP, 6 is from Zapata Swamp (note: I have to do this from memory as I am traveling, so I might be wrong. I’ll be able to check my records in mid-August. Sorry about this.)

  3. Hello Vladimir,

    thank you for the nice pictures. To identify anoles just from pictures is always a bit tricky. It is always helpfull if you know the location, because a lot of species are similar to each other. I tried to define them:
    1. A. lucius, male
    2. A. inexpectatus, male
    3. A. loysiana, female
    4. A. argenteolus
    5. A.-homolechis-group
    6. A. porcatus
    7. A. lucius
    8. A. homolechis???
    9. A. rubribarbus, female
    10. A. homolechis, male
    11. A. allisoni
    I hope I could help.
    Greetings from Germany,

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