Please Help Identify Two Anoles from Jacmel, Haiti

Here are a pair of anoles photographed by Mitchell Robinson in Jacmel, Haiti. He is looking for help identifying them, and where better to look for such help than Anole Annals?

We have ideas about the IDs, but would like to hear from you experts before imposing any potential bias. Thanks for any help!


Jacmel anole 1 Jacmel anole 2

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I'm a herp fan who has spent my spare time in the past couple of decades traveling and photographing herps in the wild. My photographs end up on my website and, among other places.

5 thoughts on “Please Help Identify Two Anoles from Jacmel, Haiti

  1. Hi,
    The upper one is distichus, the one in the lower image brevirostris, both adult males.
    Cheers, Gunther

  2. Thanks, Gunther! My understanding is that the anoles in the brevirostris complex from Jacmel are classified as Anolis marron. If so, that would make the second one A. marron. Is that not right? Alternatively, how do you distinguish brevirostris from marron?

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi John,

    A lateral photo of the first lizard would be a bit more helpful for the ID, so far I can tell that it looks like one in the brevirostris complex (as you stated likely A. marron given the locality), since it looks too patterned (stripes) near the head for distichus. Maybe the nuchal ocellus is not conspicuous in such perspective?

  4. Thanks Miguel and Gunther. I’ll ask Mitchell whether he has another photo of the first anole. S. Blair Hedges also thought that that one might be A. marron, whereas at first glance I assumed it was A. distichus (but I am not personally familiar with A. marron).


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