Anoles of Luquillo, Puerto Rico: ID Help

I did a bit of herping in Luquillo on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico and the abundance of anoles and frogs  was incredible. I was hoping for help IDing these guys and any insight you might have on these species. I think the first three are the same species?

  1. We found this sleeping anole perched up on the back of a sign.


2)    Anole, Luquillo

3)        Luquillo



5) Luquillo

6) This last one was found in the Yunque, not in Luquillo. Not the best photo, but it was a beautiful anole.


Thanks again!

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I'm a marine biologist by training with a passion for herptiles. I run an educational program called Lick Your Eyeballs where I bring live herps to classrooms and events to teach people about how incredible reptiles and amphibians are.

2 thoughts on “Anoles of Luquillo, Puerto Rico: ID Help

  1. I would say 1) cristatellus, 2) cristatellus, 3) cristatellus (not sure about the one in the background), 4) krugi, 5) krugi, 6) evermanni.

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