Anoles of Culebra

I am very interested in IDing the following anoles I saw on the island of Culebra, which is 17 miles east of Puerto Rico. I thought I would be able to find a guide to anoles of this area online, but IDing them turned out to be harder than I thought. Thank you for your time!
1) First one was found in the parking lot of Flamenco.
Flamenco, Culebra

2) Also found near Flamenco.
Anole, Flaminco 2

3) Found in town. Bright yellow dewlap.
Anole, Culebra 4

4) Found in town.
Anole, Culebra

5) Found in town.
Anole, Culebra 2

6) Found in town. Dewlap was dark orange with yellow near the throat.

Anole, Culebra 3

About Audra Barrios

I'm a marine biologist by training with a passion for herptiles. I run an educational program called Lick Your Eyeballs where I bring live herps to classrooms and events to teach people about how incredible reptiles and amphibians are.

3 thoughts on “Anoles of Culebra

  1. I would say (in order) stratulus, cristatellus, stratulus, cristatellus, cristatellus, cristatellus (adult male).

    1. Totally agree on the ID. The second stratulus look a like a big male too. Lovely pattern on the second to last cristatellus as well.

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