Anolis cuvieri, the Lizard Star in the New Amazon Prime Show, Mad Dogs

Anolis cuvieri - Mad DogsAnolis cuvieri - Mad Dogs 2I was watching the new Amazon Prime Show, Mad Dogs. Episode 6 is called “Leslie” named after an Anolis cuvieri, which is a central character in the episode. I grabbed a screen shot of the animal, and then another screen shot with a character holding it. The show is set in Belize ( using my Anolis Forensics Skills I deduced it was not filmed there). I did verify later it was filmed in Puerto Rico.

This may be the most Anolis “screen time” I have ever seen in a movie or show.  Anolis may be about to breakout into mainstream Pop Culture; keep an eye out for the Oscar – Best use of Anolis in a Major Motion Picture.

One thought on “Anolis cuvieri, the Lizard Star in the New Amazon Prime Show, Mad Dogs

  1. Actually, an anole has had an ongoing [minor] starring/cameo role in a British hour-long comedy/mystery for 5 seasons now. He can usually be expected to show up at least once in every episode. No doubt this is where Mad Dogs got the idea. The show is called “Death in Paradise”, and is a lot of fun, especially when it comes to being an anole fan. I watch it for free every season via DVDs-borrow from my library. I suggest starting with the first season, as it does have a progression to it.

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