Puerto Rican Lizard Song

Liam Revell has kindly pointed out this awesome song from the Puerto Rican children’s show Atencion Atencion.

Here’s Liam’s translation:

“Un lagartijo se metió en la cueva,

de pronto asomó la cabeza,

miró para un lado y al otro,

y que pasó, y que pasó…”

In English:

“An anole went into the cave,

suddenly he poked out his head,

he looked to one side and the other,

and what happened, and what happened…”

About Jonathan Losos

Professor and Curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. I've spent my entire professional career studying anoles and have discovered that the more I learn about anoles, the more I realize I don't know.

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