Evolution 2015: Let the Anole Talks Begin!

Logo for the Evolution 2015 conference.

Logo for the Evolution 2015 conference.

This year’s Evolution meeting just kicked off at the Casa Grande Hotel in the lovely coastal town of Guarujá, Brazil. There are some great anole talks lined up for this year’s conference. Kristin Winchell, a Ph.D. candidate in Liam Revell’s lab at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, will be giving a talk titled, “Urban Evolution: Natural selection and genetic basis of phenotypic shifts in urban Anolis cristatellus.”

The talks on Puerto Rican anoles don’t end there. Matthew McElroy, a Ph.D. candidate in Adam Leache’s lab at the University of Washington, will present a talk titled “Comparative phylogeography of co‐distributed Anolis lizards from Puerto Rico.”

Finally, Fernanda de Pinho Werneck, who is based out of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia in Manaus, Brazil will present a talk titled, “Cryptic lineages and diversification of an endemic anole lizard (Squamata, Dactyloidae) of the Cerrado hotspot.”

Stay tuned to Anole Annals for upcoming posts on all the anole talks! You can also follow the happenings at Evolution 2015 on Twitter using #Evol2015.

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Martha is a postdoctoral researcher in Sheila Patek's laboratory at Duke University. She received her Ph.D. at Harvard University, where she studyied the evolutionary ecology and thermal physiology of anoles, focusing on the cybotoid anoles from the Dominican Republic. Martha serves as Conference Editor for the Anole Annals. Website: www.marthamunoz.weebly.com

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    1. If only, Skip!! I’m off to Western Australia for some field work in about a week, so I couldn’t go to the conference this year. Hopefully next year I’ll have some data on Aussie skinks to share.

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