“High Blue” Green Anole?

This unusual anole was spotted in my backyard in Miami, Florida (West Kendall area) on 16 March 2015. I’ve never seen a green anole this ornate with such a prominent nape crest, blue spotting, blue eye ring, and scapular spot! There were two males pumped up full of testosterone displaying and chasing each other in a stand of bamboo. Could this be a species other than A. carolinensis? Or maybe it’s a “high blue” green anole. In any case, it was a spectacular find for the day :-)

Seen in Miami, FL 16 March 2015 by Marc Kramer DVM.

Seen in Miami, FL 16 March 2015 by Marc Kramer DVM.

5 thoughts on ““High Blue” Green Anole?

  1. Gorgeous, but not unprecedented at Miami, and at this time of year IMHO. This green I would personally align more with what at least WAS “A. porcatus.” I’ll let the molecular people set me straight, but there are questions as to a “true” porcatus at this time. There are animals that I personally would call akin to what some had called “porcatus,” types near Boca as well (i have photos)…..green anoles of a “carolinensis” complex, mixed with island greens, if I have my readings right. And these can show even more astonishing blues and spotting…with sometimes a dorsal crest almost full body.:-) Anyway, this anole is at the height of territorial defense, and you shot a fantastic image!!!! :-)

  2. Dr. Kramer,
    Note some similarities to this relaxed male “porcatus” type, the Cuban Green, imaged last year at Boca Raton. This form IMHO is still locally valid. TRUE American Greens seem to occupy different habitats still. But I’d assume widespread interbreeding as well.

  3. Beautiful photo! I live in Kendall as well and have similarly observed a number of “blue” hued porcatus or carolinensis. One of the males is enormous, dwarfing all the others. Additionally, in my yard, the “greens” now seem to outnumber the” browns”.

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