Help Identify Anole from Guyana

Photo by Thadaigh Baggallay

Thadaigh Baggallay writes: “I took this picture in Kaieteur National Park, Guyana. Anolis chrysolepis perhaps?”

Looks to me like whichever chrysolepis-type anole occurs in Guyana. Exactly a year ago today, we had a post on a new field guide to Guyanan herps by Cole et al. which probably would help. According to that guide, I believe the species would be A. planiceps. Any thoughts any one?


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Professor and Curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. I've spent my entire professional career studying anoles and have discovered that the more I learn about anoles, the more I realize I don't know.

3 thoughts on “Help Identify Anole from Guyana

  1. The red colour is (barely) visible at the base of the neck – just anteriorly to the front legs. I would say A.planiceps . . .

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