Video of Running Trunk-Ground Anole Needed

I’m looking for a bit of help and where else to turn than the dedicated readers of Anole Annals? Does anyone have a short video clip (ca. 10 seconds) of a trunk-ground anole running on either the ground or a trunk that they’d be willing to share? I’d like to use it for a couple of upcoming talks, and for teaching. Proper credit would, of course, be given. Plus I’ll buy you a beer if you ever happen to be in Nottingham. I’ve got a few short clips of sagrei but unfortunately the frame rate went screwy when I tried to convert them, hence the appeal. The point is to contrast a trunk-ground’s movement with this clip of carolinensis (shot by Leslie Bode on the Anhinga Trail, Everglades, FL):

If you have something suitable that you’re willing to share, please either leave a comment, or you can email or tweet me (adam.algar[at], @acalgar).


About Adam Algar

Assistant Professor in Biogeography at the University of Nottingham (UK). My research focuses on how ecological and evolutionary process play out across geographical space, mostly on islands and lately, with anoles, but other taxa are okay too.

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