How Many Lamellae Are on this Toepad?

One of the age old questions in anole morphology is at what point do you stop counting lamellae on the toepad?

Without giving any more information on various techniques or methods, I thought it would be interesting to ask the AA community their personal opinions. Below I have attached a flatbed scan of a toepad. Could people please fill out the corresponding poll below, and I will present the results in a follow up post!

alt text

Lamellae numbered 1-51 on the 4th digit of an Anolis lizard hindfoot

6 thoughts on “How Many Lamellae Are on this Toepad?

    1. Hey Thomas, I’m going to present the results in a follow up post after a week or so. Still pretty low participants in the poll however, hopefully more people will submit their thoughts soon!


  1. I am guilty of not responding initially to this post because I was casually glancing at post titles and thought that it was a discussion, rather than a survey. You might get more responses by making a title that reads “Survey: How many lamellae do you think are on this toepad?” or something like that. And I’m sure you could get another survey post out of this so it’s at the top of the AA page to get more respondents.

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