Dwarf Boa Versus Giant Twig Anole

Figure 1. Sequence of the unsuccessful predation by Tropidophis melanurus on Anolis porcus. See Torres et al. 2014 for the full description. Photos by Carlos Pérez-Penichet.

Snake predation on anoles has been widely documented on this blog (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Torres and colleagues, writing in Herpetology Notes, add to this collection with stunning pictures of a dusky dwarf boa, Tropidophis melanurus, constricting an Anolis porcus, a member of the Chamaeleolis clade.  While the individuals were found entwined on the ground, they likely fell out of nearby tree since A. porcus is a highly arboreal species. The anole was ultimately spared an unpleasant fate, but it was unclear whether the lizard was too big for the snake to consume or if the snake was disturbed by the observers.

Torres, J., C. Pérez-Penichet, and O. Torres. 2014. Predation attempt by Tropidophis melanurus (Serpentes, Tropidophiidae) on Anolis porcus (Sauria, Dactyloidae). Herpetology Notes 7: 527-529.

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