New St. Lucian Anole?

St.Lucian Anole

St.Lucian Anole

I was recently in St.lucia travelling around photo-documenting the local Anolis luciae which seem to be rapidly being displaced by the invasive A. wattsi from Antigua. While exploring the southwestern town of Soufriere, I came upon a few specimens of this species in the backyard workshop of the sculptor host of mine.
I have showed the photos to a few herpetologists at UWI (St. Augustine) and they are as baffled as I am; for the closest-looking possibility, A. richardi, native to Grenada and the Grenadines, is not noted to have migrated this far north.
Any takes on what species it could possibly be?

About Reynold Boyce

I am a retired Biology school teacher who resides in Trinidad (Trinidad & Tobago). I have a passion for travelling to every nook and cranny of the Caribbean documenting native/endemic fauna and flora. Of course, Anoles have become a prime candidate in this regard - having such a strong degree of island-based endemicity.

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