Lizard Olympics in Sports Illustrated 25 Years Ago Today

From the pages of Sports Illustrated, 25 years ago today

From the pages of Sports Illustrated, 25 years ago today

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That’s my thumb! Ain’t she a beauty?

A few months ago, I ran into Nicholas Dawidoff, the author of the fabulous new book Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football. Seeing Nicholas reminded me of the article he wrote for Sports Illustrated at the very dawn of his writing career, 25 years ago today. The article was on the then developing field of performance studies, measuring the sprinting, jumping, clinging and other capabilities of small ectotherms, and featuring none other than yours truly, as well as Ray Huey, Al Bennett, and Sharon Emerson. Written tongue-in-cheek, but accurately and respectfully, the article was a very nice overview of that emerging field of study. It’s worth checking out the article just to see the wacky pictures taken by the SI photographer sent out on assignment to Seattle and Berkeley.

Inexplicably, the article didn't make the cover

Inexplicably, the article didn’t make the cover

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