Trunk-ground Anoles Living in High Rises

This weekend I recently saw an adult male Cuban brown anole (Anolis sagrei) perching higher than I have ever observed – roughly 4m high!

Adult male Cuban brown anole (Anolis sagrei) perching uncharacteristically high

Adult male Cuban brown anole (Anolis sagrei) perching uncharacteristically high

So anole aficionados, what dizzying heights have you observed trunk-ground anoles up to?

*My apologies for the poor quality of the zoomed in sections.

4 thoughts on “Trunk-ground Anoles Living in High Rises

  1. Was this perchance either really early or really late in the day? I’ve found cybotoids sleeping several meters off the ground.

    As for daytime perching – I have seen A. cybotes and relatives perching up to 2.5m often enough, and occasionally up to 3m, but rarely if ever higher than that. It could be, though, that those of us working with trunk-grounds are trained to keep our eyes close to the ground, and we may miss variation in perch height.

    However, when fleeing a predator (or pesky human observer), they will flee to the tops of trees.

    1. No, this was in the middle of the day (~2pm) and was observed from a long way away, so hadn’t retreated in my presence. Valid point about observer bias though.

      I commonly record cristatellus at the heights you have for cybotes.

  2. A nice way to assess observer bias is when one is looking for higher-perching anoles along with trunk-ground anoles. When looking for both A. carolinensis and A. sagrei, the highest we saw sagrei was still only a couple of meters, whereas carolinensis was regularly observed higher.

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