8 thoughts on “More Cuban anoles to ID

  1. Photos 2 and 5 from the top left are A. porcatus and A. luteogularis respectively. Photo number four appears to be A. sagrei; photos number 1, 3 and six appear to be sagrei clade anoles which I’m not all familiar with, they may also be A. sagrei.

    1. Now that I think about it photos 1 and six are definitely A. sagrei as well, with number 3 possibly being a female sagrei.

  2. Switch my id for four and five to luteogularis for four and sagrei for five, apparently I’m counting in the wrong direction.

  3. Hi, since 1970 Im Studie the Complexes of Anolis e.equestris and A. luteogularis in Sight
    of theoretic and when I have the Chance for live Animals in Praktic studies! In reality the
    most Sience Peoples have not Knowledge outside of Cuba to understud the very colorfull and in the free Nature aktive Lizard Groups .Real is the most Sp. and Ssp of this
    Lizards found not the Way outside of Cuba. Realistik Sight have the cuban Giant Anolis
    not the highprice Aspekts and so is this not of Commercial Peoples for to care and Breed
    in Captivity. I wish me more open Exchance of Cuba and the Rest of this Globe

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