2014 Anole Calendar Now On Sale; 20% Off Today

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marchBook-ended by this year’s photo contest winners, the 2014 anole calendar features 13 spectacular anole photographs selected by you, Anole Annals’ readers. Unlike previous year’s calendars, this year’s edition has a heavy South American influence thanks to photographs by Lucas Bustamante and Diana Troya. In addition to the two contest winning snaps of A. chrysolepis and A. gemmosus, other pin-ups include A. princepsA. proboscis, and A. biporcatusThat’s not to say that some of our favorite Caribbean species don’t also make an appearance. Hispaniola is particularly highlighted, thanks to several photos by Cristian Marte, including stunning shots of A. bahorucoensis and A. coelestinus. in addition, there’s a lovely silhouette of A. sagrei displaying and an intriguing vignette of a tree boa and a sleeping A. aeneus. Check them all out at zazzle.com, where the calendars are now on sale. Til midnite tonight, you can get 20% with the discount code “TDAYPOSTSALE.”

Editor’s Note, Monday, Dec. 2: 60% off until 1 pm Eastern time today, code : ZAZZLEMONDAY

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