Salmonella Found In Green Anoles

Sorry to post this right before Thanksgiving dinner, but here is something to think about the next time you eat after handling an anole: approximately 30% of anoles in Japan carry salmonella, twice the level in feral goats and more than ten times greater than that found in public toilets. Read the complete (freely available) study here.

Salmonella in green anoles


About Thomas Sanger

Thom Sanger is an Assistant Professor at Loyola University in Chicago. His lab specializes on understanding the developmental bases of Anolis lizard diversity.

5 thoughts on “Salmonella Found In Green Anoles

    1. Absolute presence or absence of salmonella is not the critical question here. The question is what percentage of captive anoles have salmonella compared to campus toilets and locally abundant feral animals. It seems like this is an undergrad. project just waiting to happen

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