Seeking Photographs Of Ecomorphs

sheplani alternate1

Photo of Anolis sheplani by Father Alejandro Sanchez.

Dear Anole Researchers,

I’m producing a film on how species form for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It focuses on anole evolution and features Jonathan Losos. They will give it away to high school teachers around the country and make it available for free download from their website.

To illustrate the concept of anole ecomorphs, we are seeking photographs of of major anole body types on Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Hispanola.

We are looking for images of the following species:

Trunk-ground: cybotes, cristatellus or gundlachi, lineatopus, sagrei

Canopy: evermanni, chlorocyanus, grahami (green ones would be best), porcatus

Grass-bush: pulchellus, semilineatus or olssoni, alutaceus or vanidicus

Twig: valencienni, angusticeps, occultus, placidus or sheplani or insolitus

To make the visual comparisons easy, we hope to find images of the anoles from roughly the same angle – a profile along the lines of the image in this post.

If you have any images that you would be willing to share, thanks for emailing me at

Many thanks!

Dan Levitt
Veriscope Pictures

2 thoughts on “Seeking Photographs Of Ecomorphs

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I’m hoping to find photos that are profiles so that the similarities are easy to spot. That makes it a bit more of a challenge.

    Thanks for any images you think might work.



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