Anolis Sagrei Invades The Turks And Caicos

turks anolesAnolis sagrei certainly gets around, and it’s added another locality to its ever-expanding range: the Turks and Caicos. AA contributor Joe Burgess recently published a paper in the most recent edition of IRCF Reptiles & Amphibians documenting its occurrence on the island. As we’ve come to expect, the population is quite numerous and–ominously–the native A. scriptus–itself also a trunk-ground anole–was not very common at the site. Anolis scriptus is a close relative of the Puerto Rican A. cristatellus and we’ve reported previously on these two species battling it out in Miami and Costa Rica. Stay tuned.

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  1. Note that the same issue of Reptiles and Amphibians includes an article by Mark Yokoyama that confirms the presence of A. cristatellus on St. Maarten (and the population of A. sagrei reported from there last year is extant).

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