Anolis Barbatus Mating!

Photo by Chuck Horne

I certainly was not expecting to see this so soon! According to the breeder, these anoles were only 3-4 months old when I received them last month (December 4th). Unfortunately, I did not take SVL measurements at first but they have certainly grown in the 1.5 months I’ve had them (the male seemingly more so than the female). I’ve placed a “nest box” in the enclosure with a commercial, tropical blend soil medium and I will check it for suitable “dampness” periodically in the hopes it makes an acceptable laying site. I’d appreciate any advice AA members may have to increase my chances of successfully incubating eggs and raising the babies. I’ll post updates periodically.

About Chuck Horne

I am an avid anole hobbyist and currently maintain Anolis equestris, smallwoodi and baracoae in home terraria. My goal is to practice the best possible husbandry and successfully breed and raise my charges.

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