Doctor Anole – The Climb

Doctor Anole, Mt. Lemmon, AZ

Among biologists one of the greatest honors is having a species named after them. Among climbers one of the greatest honors is inspiring the name of a new climb. (In fact, much like biology, local ethics and traditions often govern route nomenclature.) It turns out that I have scarred my research has inspired an old friend to name a new route with reference of our favorite scaly beasts. Here I present you, “Doctor Anole” at the Lizard Boulders, Mt. Lemmon, AZ.

Because climbing can, to some, seem a bit esoteric let me take a moment to explain the photo. Unlike climbing mountains or large cliffs, “bouldering” is a form of climbing where a person attempts to climb for only a few moves, but where each move may be at the absolute limit of their ability. Bouldering can just be a single move or, to the most brave, reach death defying heights while rope-free. On Doctor Anole the goal is to climb to the top of this boulder using the small seam for handholds. A pad is also placed below the climb to cushion a potential fall. Hopefully the moderate grade of V2 does not directly reflect my friend’s opinion of my climbing abilities or research.

About Thomas Sanger

Thom Sanger is currently a postdoc at the University of Florida focusing his research on the evolution and development of Anolis lizards.

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