Happy Reptile Awareness Day

Turns out today is Reptile Awareness Day. The reptile channel has some suggestions of things to do to in honor of the day and Audubon has put their Reptile and Amphibian Field Guide iOS app on sale for $0.99.  So is anybody doing anything special to celebrate?

About Anthony Geneva

Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University. I use a variety of evolutionary genetic approaches to ask questions about gene flow, adaptation and speciation.

One thought on “Happy Reptile Awareness Day

  1. We are continuing our study of population size, growth rates, energetics, etc., of the Stout Iguana, Cyclura pinguis, on Guana Island. C. pinguis was the native iguana of the entire Greater Puerto Rico Bank, from P.R. itself east to Anegada — the last island it survived on prior to 1980s. We restored them here on Guana and later to Necker, Little Thatch, and Moskito Islands, also in the BVI. Sadly, most of their original habitat elsewhere is now infested with Iguana iguana from the pet-trade. Guana Island now has the largest population of several hundred.

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