5 thoughts on “Lizards Lick ‘Lectricity!

  1. I presumed that this was a knight anole, but had trouble telling from the video. It couldn’t be a very large carolinensis, could it?

  2. Yep, I’m pretty sure it was an equestris. It had that species’ characteristic white markings under the eye and right above the shoulder. Pretty tragic the dude they interviewed had to not be air conditioned for part of his day because of a lizard….

  3. Seems to me that anoles are a previously unrecognised factor slowing economic recovery in Florida . . . and, with range expansion it could soon become a national issue. I expect this to be a key issue in the next presidential debate!

  4. A. equestris is still rare in Rhode Island and at this time of year we don’t need air-conditioning, so not a problem…. But down here on Guana Island: well, a possible real issue!

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